Pre Order 2022 VETCON Badge **In person pickup @ VETCON ONLY**

Pre Order 2022 VETCON Badge **In person pickup @ VETCON ONLY**

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If you are NOT going to VETCON in person on Aug 13th - DO NOT ORDER THIS ITEM

It's finally here! The first OFFICIAL electronic badge for VETCON 2022.

"What does it do?" you ask.

You'll just have to find out!

Badges will be handed out to those who have pre-ordered upon in person check-in at VETCON. There will be soldering stations set up for you to assemble your badge with instructions and assistance.

Order one today and First Sergeant might just sign your 24-hour liberty chit...

Limited quantities are available. This item will not be shipped. It is specifically for in-person attendees of VETCON. If a badge is pre-ordered and not picked up in Las Vegas at the VETCON event, you lose out. There will be no refunds and no exceptions. If you have an issue with this, take it up with your command. I'm sure First Sergeant is looking forward to the conversation! Oh, and Air Force, just because it has blinky lights doesn't mean that you need to call a contractor to come change them...they're supposed to do that.